Cu toții dormim în Patul lui Procust fără să știm

Titlu: Patul lui Procust
Anul aparitiei: 2018
Numar pagini: 109
ISBN: 978-606-44-0099-4

Patul lui Procust și limitele civilizației contemporane, în aforisme fără cenzură, care pictează în afara regulilor sau împotriva curentului — stil clasic pentru Taleb. [Citeste tot Articolul]

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Things that gain from disorder

Title: Antifragile. How to Live in a World We Don’t Understand
Year: 2013
Pages: 544
ISBN: 9781846141560

Antifragile is not what you call easy material. Neither to read, nor to summarize. This book is many things and definitely not what you expected. But at least, I can promise you won't get bored because the author is not fooling around spending 500 pages for some 50 pages ideas. Each paragraph is rich in information and pretty useful. Taleb explains the ethics of Fragility and Antifragility, answering a lot of questions like: how we missed the word antifragility in classrooms, where do we find overcompensation, why death is a necessity for life, which are the benefits of error for the collective, how antifragility of the whole often depends on the fragility of the parts, which are the flaws of intellectualism. He goes on with many other questions that people are too afraid to ask, or have no one to talk about with. He even dares to say that obsessive love is the most antifragile thing outside the economics.

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